A short boss fighting game created in under 48 hours with Godot for Miz Jam 1.

Battle your way through three unique bosses as you uncover the difficult truth about yourself. Each boss fight will require a way to make the boss vulnerable, especially the first fight which is by far the hardest. Pay attention to the environment and find things that you can change or interact with. Good luck!

The code for this game is available here: https://github.com/erdavids/WE-THREE-HEADS


W/A/S/D - Movement

Left Mouse - Shoot Fire Projectile

Right Mouse - Reflect Enemy Projectile

E Key - Interact / Drink

Escape - Pause

Be careful with your timing when reflecting projectiles. Your range of influence is larger than the player's collision shape, but not by much. 

There are two difficulties. Normal will be a much more forgiving experience in which you will be able to survive more hits and each boss will generally be easier to defeat. The Impossible difficulty can feel very punishing but extremely rewarding upon its completion.

This game was created in less than 48 hours and I'm sure there are bugs present that I was unable to find. I hope that it's as pleasurable to play as it was to create. I attempted to place as much of an interesting story in place as possible, with the optional activity of reading the bookcase info pieces with the E key.

I worked alone on this project as the programmer and created all the music and sounds specifically for this game. The art pack was provided as the context for the game jam and was created by Kenney.

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