Enjoy climbing through the clouds as you remote pilot the perfected, fresh, imperfect prototype mail courier. As an employee of Cloudy Package Inc., you'll enjoy the opportunity to make a little extra cash by picking up the packages left behind by some of your coworkers.

Different types of packages will fall and you will have to try turn a profit by keeping the right types on the platform. For the most part, try and keep the brown and gold ones while you get rid of the blue. You can use the green package to charge, but be sure to watch out for the red ones, they will destroy any of the other packages!

Controls: Arrow keys for movement, X and Z to change your speed/control

This game was made over the course of only 3 days for the 9th Score Space Jam. It is my first officially completed Game Jam and it was a ton of fun. I worked alone and created the art, mechanics, music, and sound effects. I would have been able to use a few more days, but I love how the game turned out and I hope people enjoy playing.

Comment with a screenshot below and I'll add your score to a leaderboard here in the description!

1. eLteammate - $15,546

2. TheBuffED - $10,150


I am working on a few videos to share the process of making this game if you're interested. Thank you!


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Great work!  Fun little game, only critique would be that it seems very hard to lose, if you plan on adjusting it at all I'd suggest adjusting the drop rate of the different boxes depending on your current score.  Other than that the little bugs I noticed seem to have been mentioned in other comments, but it's a great game jam game!

I can't figure out how to lose!

It took me about an hour to do this, and it worth it (no). This game has some interesting mechanics:

  • Boxes fall at the platform, they can't just fall out of the screen
  • You can carry boxes on yourself
  • Boxes can stuck midair if you stop midair with a box.

This allowed me to push the box on the left side of a screen. I tried to do it with a golden box, but after a lot of attempts I gave up. I think that 2 golden boxes at both sides may be enough to get a high score, since there are a lot of batteries falling out of the sky. For now, as a proof of concept, take this little brown box. 

PS. I love the game :D

Awesome job! Yeah you discovered the secret strategy of just freezing some boxes on the side, that’s amazing! Thanks for playing!

Ran it all the way over $10,000 as a big bug check. Probably should have made the game a little more difficult and also scale up the money a little to reach some higher values. Actually slipped up on the battery and died. Oh well.