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i like this game its cool i like the challenge over all very cool game!

This is really cool! I love the concept, and I love the fact that I can pretty much jump the entire map! May I ask how you implemented this art style?

I did a 3D scene in Godot, and then just scaled down the viewport resolution that it naturally pixelated everything. Thanks for playing, I’m glad you liked it!

Love it! Are you participating in LD47?


It was actually really fun
If you were to expand it I would make the controls WASD + mouse so you can look around vertically, and also have separate buttons for setting and using teleport, since right if you want to set a new teleport you have to teleport to your old one first. This is much more fun than I thought it would be going in, nice job

Awesome to hear, and I totally agree with the suggestions. I’m playing with a concept now about a projectile that the player can throw and then teleport to it’s position as well.

Teleporting is a really cool mechanic, and it also encourages speedrunning. Sounds fun, keep it up


I beat it! Really neat, hard to stop haha

Awesome! You’re the best!


I love the 3d in gameboy style. Fun!

Thank you for playing!


this was fun and thank you for believing in me!

I got them all and it became much easier when I learned how to double jump

Awesome! I hope it was fun to play!


This was fun

I was hoping for that, good to hear!